My Perfect Hollywood Scripting

My Scripts
A vast array of my film writings. Soon to come.
My Feedback
Professional feedback given to my scripts. Yet to come.
You can reach me via this email address: Or you may call me up: 0048-22-6331829 (main line) or 0048-604-774-085 (mobile phone). Conversation in either English or Polish.
Artur Zienkiewicz
I am a Warsaw-born (05/14/1969) Polish citizen of the male gender. Poland is also the place I live right now.

My education seems heavily artistic: a Bachelor of Arts degree of Academy of Music in Warsaw (1995). The Department of Composition, Theory of Music, and Conducting.

I have professional experiences in the realm of computer aided score setting (Professor Jan Ekier's contemporary edition of all the works of Frederic Chopin) and the translation of computer-related English books into Polish.

I am also an avid English learner with the vast experience of years upon years of hard study (I started at the age of five) in both speaking and writing.


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